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What are they? Are they worth it?

Affiliate and referral links

Have you ever heard the term "affiliate marketing", "referral program" or simply "affiliates"?

For sure YES. And it probably sounds like you “make money” and you are right!

It is one of the most abundant business models on the Internet and for many people it is quite profitable.
Also known as “Referral Marketing”, it is a system in which a person, known as an “affiliate”, recommends a product or service to others.
When speaking of “people”, it is clear that they can be either companies or businesses.

“An affiliate system is a ‘digital’ way of putting the classic ‘word of mouth’ recommendation into practice.”

Both types of marketing drive the growth of new clients for your company, in both cases they use indirect promoters to sell and in both you get an amazing value of return on investment (ROI).

Affiliate and referral links are basically personalized links provided by a provider (website) from which we can take a commission every time someone visits that personalized link and makes a purchase.

The affiliate program allows you to earn commissions by referring new customers to the participating website through affiliate links and banners placed on your site, social networks, email, messaging programs and other channels.

For example: You can share a link, the description of a product and image that you get from the website, in your statuses, sending direct messages to your contacts or WhatsApp groups, share in your profile, stories or groups to which you belong in facebook, share on your profile, stories or on Instagram you can also share all the relevant information of a product recommending to your friends through emails, we help you with the email marketing tool 😉 in such a way that when a user clicks on your banner or link that you have shared to your contacts using different communication media, they arrive on the website and if it makes a valid sale, you will receive a commission for the sale.

By participating in the referral program, on the other hand, you can earn free Gift Cards for the referrals you make. We provide you with a unique referral link that you can share with others. If you refer registrations through your link, our system will detect them and automatically add all referrals until you reach a quota and we will send you the notification so you can get your gift.

These links do not increase the price for the buyer, but they do help the person who has shared an article with a small commission that the supplier will pay.

It does not increase the price for the person who makes a purchase, it is more and they will not notice it.

If at any time the conditions change, you can unsubscribe and we will give you all the bonuses that remain in your account.

Thanks to the affiliation, new business models have been born, people who have found an income to combine it with their current job or even to reinvest it in their own projects.

Why do these affiliate or referral systems work so well?

In a simple way, we could say that their fame is due to the fact that they are a “win-win” system, where both the company and the affiliate receive a profit just for “sharing a link”.

This is something that in turn makes it quite profitable.

Affiliate links are a smart way to get noticed

Amazon Case: Amazon is perhaps the best known in terms of affiliation and referrals, it makes it really simple and usually pays very punctually. In addition to offering very aggressive prices that make sales practically take place on their own. Much of its success is due to its affiliate program.

Affiliate links have or should have an “evangelistic” character. That is, you buy a product, you like it, you discuss it with your friends or audience and the company thanks you with incentives. It is a symbiosis between both parties.

Generally, the affiliates are converted into liquid money, although we also have the option of opting for discount coupons to buy in a store (generally in the one that offers you the affiliation) or other related ones. If we choose to receive a bank transfer or check, we must know that we have to declare that money. We don’t run the risk that the IRS (Internal Revenue Service in the United States) will call us to justify those earnings. AND NOBODY WANTS TO HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THE IRS.

For United States residents, they must provide us the W9 Form to file the Tax return for payments received, and for those who do not reside in the United States, a withholding of 30% of their received payments will be made, said withholding may be withdrawn at end of year prior to some paperwork required by the IRS (consider it a savings for the end of the year;))

There is a lot of money to be made from referrals. But all that money has to be justified.

The ideal (if you get few earnings) is that you opt for gift cards to redeem them in the stores that have made use of these referrals to buy or give something away. It must also be said that everything that is generated is not charged, normally there is a minimum of income per referral (normally $ 50) to start charging and it is not immediate either. The average payment can be 15 or 30 days.

In addition, it is important to clarify that advertising between acquaintances or colleagues in the same sector is usually the best and most effective.

You have selfless “person-to-person” trust.

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